Monday, April 6, 2015

The late 80s and the early 90s saw some of the greatest movies of the actor Mohanlal and most of them told the stories of the common man.  Some of my favorite movies of Mohanlal were the movies that involves combination of the actor Jagathy and also some of the movies that involve actor Sreenivasan.  These movies do contain good stories and Mohanlal became one of the favorite actor among the people because of his acting skills and also the good roles he did in the movies.

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Mohanlal became the first actor in the film industry to achieve Lieutenant Colonel in the Territorial Army of India.

Mohanlal or lalettan

Mohanlal is one of the most famous actor of Malayalam film industry. Mohanlal is know as lalettan throughout Kerala. Mohanlal and Mammotty were known as superstars during the mid 80s and early part of the 90s and they had acted in lots of Malayalam movies.

Mohanlal Devasarum

Mohanlal is also a trained magician and had undergone training under the magician Gopinath Muthkad.
Devasuram was one of the most famous movie of the actor Mohanlal. Devasuram as know by the name has positive as well as negative role of Mohanlal in the movie. Devasuram became superhit movie throughout Kerala. Ravanaprabhu was the second part of the movie Devasuram. Mohanlal played the double role in the movie Ravanaprabhu. Both movies were known for the strong dialogues and good acting of the actor Mohanlal.

Mohanlal is known was prince of Kerala

Mohanlal is known was prince of Kerala. Mohanlal has acted in the remake of the hindi movie Sholay. Sholay will be released in July 13, 2007. Chota Mumbai is the latest movie of Mohanlal that was released in Kerala. Chota Mumbai become one of the superhit malayalam movie.

Mohanlal Best of malayalam movie Devasarum

Mohanlal lives in Kochi and is married to Suchitra and they have two children Pranav and Vismaya. Mohanlal's son Pranav had acted in few movies with Mohanlal.
In the 80s and 90s Priyadarshan and Mohanlal team made lots of hits together. Chitram is one of the my favorite movie of Priyadarshan and Mohanlal.

Devasuram Superhit movie of Mohanlal

Devasuram was one of the super hit movie of mohanlal. Malayam star mohanlal played a negative role in the movie. All the malayalees and people of Kerala loved watch Devasuram again and again. Devasuram was one of the most sucessful malayalam movies. The malayalam songs of Devasuram was super hit.
Rajavintae Makan was one of the biggest initial successful movie of the Mohanlal. Mohanlal rise to stardom after the success of the movie Ravintae Makan. Rajavintae Makan will most likely remake with the actor Prithivraj doing the role Mohanlal had done.
Mohanlal came to the film industry by playing a negative role in the movie Manjil Virinja Pookal, which became one of the biggest movie of the year.